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Since the beginning of 1900 SATA Group (first called Martinelli) works in the sector of mechanical machining of components for automotive industry.

Through a constant evolution of production technologies the group had a growth first in piedmontese area, then, in order to meet the clients needs, with the plant located in center-south Italy in 1993.

At the end of nineties, following the globalization process, the group has been taken over in South America, in Argentina (1997) and in Brazil (1999).  In 2005 has acquired the Castelnuovo Valsugana plant in order to follow a strategy of product  diversification.

In 2006 the evolution of worldwide markets carried the group to land in China with the new plant in Kunshan (60km far from Shanghai) followed in 2007 by the new Indian plant in New Delhi.

The group has endured a deep evolution also from the organizational point of view. Actually the control of the main operative functions is entrusted to the holding (F.C.) by the centralization of policies and strategies. SATA is certified in according to the standard ISO TS 16949 and following a close environmental policy ISO 14001.

All the plants have a sole managing policy using the same technical-qualitative procedures.



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