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Regione San Martino, 1 - 10087 Valperga (To) ITALY
Tel. +39.0124.656611 - Fax +39.0124.656777
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The new plant, built in 2008, that centralize all Valperga plants, is certainly the most innovative of SATA GROUP, both as regards the structural techniques, and for technologies used for the production.
Through a technological constant development and with very high quality standards, it manufactures components for car industry, such as connecting rods, flywheels, EGR brackets, bearing blocks, gear boxes, exhaust manifolds, oil pans, levers, timing boxes, monolithic axles housing. The choice of intensive use of robotized machining lines allows reaching a drastic reduction of production costs, that combined with a high flexibility enable the company to be competitive on western markets.




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